In 1910, Eugene and Birdie Rollins organized weekly prayer meetings in the front yard of their ice cream parlor where neighborhood families gathered weekly for Bible Study and prayer.

In 1912, the group formally organized as a Colored Methodist Episcopal Church organization and the Rev. E.P. was named pastor of Gipson Memorial CME Church.

The congregation Southside CME of 1945 was assigned Rev. William A. Price and later in honor of Bishop R. A. Carter the new name for the church was named Carter Metropolitan CME Church.

Today, under Pastor Clarence K. Heath’s leadership, a great emphasis has been placed on all age groups, genders and community outreach. The membership has grown spiritually and numerically.

“I remember running up and down the steps playing between Sunday school and worship service. The church was our playground as well as our sanctuary. I also remember walking to Harold's to get pickles after Sunday school and getting in trouble.”

Andrea (Berliner) Reed
Bishop R. A. Carter, the fourth Bishop of the CME Church

If you ask some of the oldest members of Carter Metropolitan what they remember about growing up in the early years of Carter, each one has fond memories of different things.

““One of my fondest memories from growing up at Carter has to be heading to the fellowship hall following Sunday worship, for punch and homemade cookies.  For us children, that was the time we could play while our parents and grandparents would fellowship with one another. It was not until I became older that I realized how those moments of fellowship were nurturing my connection to my church family."”

Kenya (White) Sanford

“I remember Bro J.B. Redwine arriving early on cold wintry mornings to heat the sanctuary for morning worshippers. Sis Gertrude Redwine leading prayer service on her knees between pews and ending her prayer by 'lining' her favorite hymn ‘A Charge to Keep I Have.’ Easter egg hunts at Sis Florine Whitmore's farm where she provided snacks and Kool Aid. Usher Etoy Norris on 'gum patrol."  A fan beneath the chin meant ‘Spit out your gum!’ ”

Arie (Curtis) Harris

“Praise God… Praise God. I remember sitting with my father and siblings during eleven o’clock service while my mother sang in the choir. I remember my father being a steward and class leader. On Sunday evenings, we would ride with him to visit church members who were not in attendance. I remember the tall outside steps leading to the front door which were a smaller version of the steps at the Capitol. Then we had the basement which was the fellowship hall. There also was a balcony. The parsonage was next door and the Pastor was always available. On Sunday mornings, the stewards would start church off with devotion which consisted of prayer and song. The men would get on their knees and start humming and singing and praying. All of this set the mood for worship. ‘Bread of Heaven, bread of Heaven feed me till I want no more.’ I didn’t understand then, but now I do. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY CARTER METROPOLITAN! ”

Hattie (Edwards) Smith

“I remember having to climb those tall stairs in front of the church and Sunday school in the basement with Bro. Webb as the superintendent. ”

James Berliner

“- “I remember having annual conference at the old church when we had Bishop Curry. All the youth had to sit in the balcony. I remember the Heaven and Hell party around Halloween. We loved going to Heaven so we could bob for apples. We also wanted to go to Hell so we could get a chili dog. I remember going to morning glory on Saturday's when Ms. Patterson picked me up. ”

Ollie (Green) Epps

“I have fond memories of my talks with Ms. Donnie Berry and other young adults during choir practice. The girls wore navy blue skirts and white blouses. Whenever we had anniversary dinners or banquets, I remember my mother, Bertha White, taking food and decorating the basement along with Verdell Warren, Arie Harris, Luther Mae Hunter and Bernice Smith. ”

Clara (Cheatham) Smithal

“ I remember CYF on Sunday evenings before night service. I remember the Sunday School conventions that were held in Cleburne for several days. We stayed at members houses and played baseball in a field.” When it was time to gather for service the pianist would play “John 3:16 to the tune of “Love Lifted Me”.” ”

Kathy (Hudson) Harris

“What I remember most is that all the children had to sit up front during worship service. Another thing is the Sunday School conventions that were held each summer at different churches, and they lasted a week. ”

Carter Curtis, Jr.

“I remember that we would have Sunday night service, and we would have to let the windows up during the summer; people passing by from the Grand theater would stop at windows and listen to choir sing. I also remember that the floors were wooden and we had to dust benches before the women in their white dresses sit down. ”

Joseph Webb

“I remember being able to walk to the church whenever we needed to, especially on Sunday mornings. I remember the fellowship hall and I remember that we were all family. ”

Emma (Hicks) Freeman